AMSA Pharm-free Scorecard 2016
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City: Sioux Falls State: SD

Updates: This institution's COI policies were evaluated on Oct-17-2016.

This institution's policies were found via online web searches.

Gifts pie1

Gifts are discouraged but not prohibited.

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Meals pie1

Meals are discouraged but not prohibited by the policy.

[Domain Location: #1, p1]
Industry-funded promotional speaking relationships (not ACCME-accredited) pie3

Policy states that speaking relationships cannot be for marketing and industry has no role in determining the presentation.

[Domain Location: #1, p1]
Industry-support of ACCME-accredited CME pie3

Policy allows only for unrestricted funds from industry to a central fund. Industry has no control over how the money is to be used.

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Attendance of industry-sponsored promotional events pie1

Attendance is allowed and attendees are able to accept travel support as long as it is reported. Policy also only states that other support 'should not' be accepted, but it is not prohibited.

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Industry-supported scholarships and awards pie2

Funding allowed but recipient is to be selected by the school or department and not industry.

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Ghostwriting and honorary authorships pie1

No policy in located.

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Consulting and advising relationships pie1

Relationship does not explicitly require prior review, clear deliverables, or fee at fair market value.

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Access of pharmaceutical sales representatives pie3

Representatives are not permitted.

[Domain Location: #1, p2]
Access of medical device representatives pie3

Allowed only for training.

[Domain Location: #1, p2]
Conflict of interest disclosure pie2

Requires disclosure to institution as well as patients, but the policy does not require disclosure to all audiences.

[Domain Location: #1, p2]
COI curriculum pie3

Adequate COI curriculum in place.

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Extension of COI policies to community affiliates pie1

Unclear who the policy document applies to in its entirety.

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Enforcement and Sanctions of Policies pie1

Policy states who is responsible for distributing and describing the policy but not who enforces it. No penalties for non-compliance are mentioned.

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What the results mean...
3Model policy
2Good progress toward model policy
1No policy, or policy unlikely to have a substantial effect on behavior