AMSA Pharm-free Scorecard 2016
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City: Burlington State: VT

Updates: This institution's COI policies were evaluated on Oct-18-2016.

This institution's policies were found via online web searches.

Gifts pie3

All gifts prohibited always.

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Meals pie3

Meals are always prohibited.

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Industry-funded promotional speaking relationships (not ACCME-accredited) pie2

Industry funded speaking relationships are regulated by the policy but there is no mention that the relationship needs to be educational and not promotional.

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Industry-support of ACCME-accredited CME pie1

Funds can be provided directly to departments/divisions and not to a central CME office. Policy does require that ACCME standards be followed, but without sufficient additional requirements.

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Attendance of industry-sponsored promotional events pie2

Attendance is not explicitly discouraged or prohibited in the policy document but attendees are prohibited from accepting reimbursement.

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Industry-supported scholarships and awards pie2

Support is allowed but the college must be responsible for choosing the recipient and the college must receive/use the funds.

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Ghostwriting and honorary authorships pie3

Policy prohibit authors from publishing articles written by industry.

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Consulting and advising relationships pie1

No policy located

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Access of pharmaceutical sales representatives pie2

Permitted access to non-patient care areas and only by appointment. Policy does prohibit access to students explicitly.

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Access of medical device representatives pie3

Permitted access to patient areas only for in-service training and only by appointment.

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Conflict of interest disclosure pie1

Policy requires ACCME disclosure guidelines to be followed in educational events, but this is not strong enough.

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COI curriculum pie1

No policy located.

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Extension of COI policies to community affiliates pie2

Policy applies to all employees and trainees but does not clearly express the 'all people, all the time' requirement.

[Domain Location: #1, p1]
Enforcement and Sanctions of Policies pie1

There is no mention of an oversight authority or sanctions for noncompliance.

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What the results mean...
3Model policy
2Good progress toward model policy
1No policy, or policy unlikely to have a substantial effect on behavior