AMSA Pharm-free Scorecard 2016
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City: Pittsburgh State: PA

Updates: This institution's COI policies were evaluated on Oct-18-2016.

This institution's policies were found via online web searches.

Gifts pie3

Gifts prohibited.

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Meals pie1

Meals prohibited on-campus and off-campus. Policy later states that meals are allowed at industry-sponsored events off-campus if the meal is 'modest' and the value of which is comparable to the Standard Meal Allowance as specified by the United States Int

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Industry-funded promotional speaking relationships (not ACCME-accredited) pie2

Speaking relationships are allowed. Requirements are in place to regulate the relationship but there is no explicit mention that the relationship must be for educational purposes solely.

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Industry-support of ACCME-accredited CME pie2

ACCME standards must be followed with an additional safeguard in place. There is a Continuing Education office that must oversee and execute all agreements for events involving industry support.

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Attendance of industry-sponsored promotional events pie2

Attendance is allowed but no compensation can be accepted.

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Industry-supported scholarships and awards pie2

Support is accepted but can only be accepted centrally in a fund that the Dean oversees. Industry may not earmark contributions.

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Ghostwriting and honorary authorships pie3


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Consulting and advising relationships pie2

Consulting is allowed without specific requirements for scientific purposes. Relationship requires prior approval and contracts with clear deliverables.

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Access of pharmaceutical sales representatives pie1

Policy requires registration and by invite only. However, the policy seems to imply that these meetings are allowed in patient areas as the policy states 'Representatives without an appointment [...] are not allowed to conduct business in patient care are

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Access of medical device representatives pie2

Medical device representatives do not appear to be differentiated from pharmaceutical representatives and their access to patient areas appears limited only by needing an appointment and needing to be registered.

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Conflict of interest disclosure pie2

Policy requires for internal disclosure but makes no mention to disclosure requirements to trainees/audiences.

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COI curriculum pie1

No policy located.

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Extension of COI policies to community affiliates pie2

Policy applies to all US based faculty, staff, and students at all facilities owned/controlled by the program. It is not stated that these policies follow trainees and faculty to outside clinics.

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Enforcement and Sanctions of Policies pie3

COI office will oversee and actions can be taken against those who do not follow the policy.

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What the results mean...
3Model policy
2Good progress toward model policy
1No policy, or policy unlikely to have a substantial effect on behavior