AMSA Pharm-free Scorecard 2016
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City: East Lansing State: MI

Updates: This institution's COI policies were evaluated on Oct-19-2016.

This institution's policies were found via online web searches.

Gifts pie3

Faculty may not accept personal gifts of any nature from industry vendors or representatives, regardless of value.' Policy further explains that all gifts are prohibited for medical students as well.

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Meals pie3

Meals are considered gifts by the policy and are prohibited.

[Domain Location: #1, p6]
Industry-funded promotional speaking relationships (not ACCME-accredited) pie1

Reporting of relationships are required. However, the policy does not state that there are any limits to the relationship.

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Industry-support of ACCME-accredited CME pie1

No policy located.

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Attendance of industry-sponsored promotional events pie2

Policy states students are not required to attend 'industry-funded or directed courses or other educational activities unless these are in compliance with Standard 5 of the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support, whether or not CME is being offered.' Ther

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Industry-supported scholarships and awards pie2

Industry support is accepted as long as the school receives the funds and is responsible for selecting the recipient.

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Ghostwriting and honorary authorships pie2

Policy states that ghostwriting is dishonest and the Dean can investigate, but the policy does not explicitly prohibit ghostwriting.

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Consulting and advising relationships pie1

Policy requires reporting of the relationships but does not place any restrictions on the relationship.

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Access of pharmaceutical sales representatives pie1

Access is permitted without limiting these interactions to non-patient areas and by appointment only. The policy does call for logs to be kept and visits to be kept to a minimum, but these alone do not appear to substantially limit access.

[Domain Location: #1, p2]
Access of medical device representatives pie1

Policy does not appear to substantially limit access.

[Domain Location: #1, p2]
Conflict of interest disclosure pie2

Disclosure is clearly required internally. Page 7 of the policy states those 'with supervisory responsibilities for students, residents or other trainees must disclose any potential conflict of interest regarding their teaching responsibilities that might

[Domain Location: #1, p7-8]
COI curriculum pie2

Curriculum required for students but it is unknown if it addresses both required objectives.

[Domain Location: #1, p7]
Extension of COI policies to community affiliates pie2

Policy applies to everyone including both paid and unpaid faculty but there is no mention if the policy applies while at outside clinics.

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Enforcement and Sanctions of Policies pie2

There is an oversight Conflict of Interest Committee, but it is unclear if there are penalties for violations. Policy states that the committee can make recommendations to the Dean for violations, but none of these address penalties for noncompliance.

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What the results mean...
3Model policy
2Good progress toward model policy
1No policy, or policy unlikely to have a substantial effect on behavior