AMSA Pharm-free Scorecard 2016
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City: Lubbock State: TX

Updates: This institution's COI policies were evaluated on Oct-11 -2016.

This institution submitted policies for review for the 2016 AMSA Scorecard.

Gifts pie3

No benefits, gifts or accommodations of any nature, including unrestricted grants, may be solicited, offered, or accepted...

[Domain Location: 19a page 5]
Meals pie2

The policy does not allow for meals during continuing education events, but does allow for modest expense of meals at non CME events, but should be coordinated with the school or department. Therefore the policy does appear to have restriction on meals fr

[Domain Location: 19b page 4]
Industry-funded promotional speaking relationships (not ACCME-accredited) pie3

The policy clearly states that the person creating the presentation should not require approval from health care vendor and should be based on best scientific literature, which would imply educational not promotional. Therefore policy meets these 2 standa

[Domain Location: 19b page 7]
Industry-support of ACCME-accredited CME pie3

No faculty, resident, staff employee, School and/or Department shall accept or receive any subsidy from a Health Care Vendor to support the cost of continuing education...

[Domain Location: 19b page 6]
Attendance of industry-sponsored promotional events pie2

There is mention of discouragement about receiving compensation for travel, lodging and fees for conferences from health care vendors, however attendees are not allowed to receive money to attend conference. Speakers/moderators are restricted to their rei

[Domain Location: 19b page 3,4]
Industry-supported scholarships and awards pie2

Allowed to accept scholarships from health care vendor, but there are stipulations associated with scholarship that are clearly defined in policy.

[Domain Location: 19b page 6 and 7]
Ghostwriting and honorary authorships pie3

Faculty, staff, residents and students shall not publish articles under their own names that are written in whole or in part by Health Care Vendor employees, contractors or representatives (i.e., ?ghost-written?.). The International Committee of Medical J

[Domain Location: 19b page 7]
Consulting and advising relationships pie2

Does not discourage consulting, but does state that arrangements must be in writing and approved by faculty member's immediate supervisor and fess represent fair market value for actual work performed.

[Domain Location: 19b page 6]
Access of pharmaceutical sales representatives pie1

No specific area discussed that examines access of pharmaceutical sales reps

[Domain Location: ]
Access of medical device representatives pie1

There is no specific area of policy that discusses this topic. Health care vendors are broadly defined as medical device reps among others, but not area of the policy discusses how these people should interact with faculty.

[Domain Location: ]
Conflict of interest disclosure pie3

Faculty are required to disclose annually any COIs that may be present both internally and externally.

[Domain Location: 19c page 3, 19b page 2, 19a page 10]
COI curriculum pie1

There is no mention of curriculum in the policy, therefore there is no mention for training for medical students regarding COI. There is mention on 19b page 7 of training for non-compliance to policy, but this is not likely to meet threshold for COI trai

[Domain Location: ]
Extension of COI policies to community affiliates pie2

Policy applies to and defines Employee: An Employee is anyone who receives a W-2 from the Institution, including temporary, part- time or full-time faculty, residents and staff who receive payment from Institution.

[Domain Location: 19a page 2]
Enforcement and Sanctions of Policies pie3

There is a COI committee that provides general oversight about COI and reports directly to the board of regents and there are defined sanctions for non-compliance to these policies.

[Domain Location: 19b page 7, 19a pages 10-11]
What the results mean...
3Model policy
2Good progress toward model policy
1No policy, or policy unlikely to have a substantial effect on behavior